P Kilar Consulting LLC

P Kilar Consulting LLC brings over 42 years of experience to the small to medium size companies with services ranging from general business management’s support to full service tax consulting.

Birch Associates

Birch Associates LLC brings over thirty five years of construction and construction management experience in commercial, industrial and residential construction. Our predesigned process is perfect for both the experienced and inexperienced client!

Welcome to P Kilar Consulting LLC & Birch Associates LLC

Our organization is committed to the new competitive business environment and we challenge our clients to begin to “think outside of the box!”

Things have changed! Business is different! People are losing their jobs to outsourcing and foreign trade, and technology is undermining old business practices. Most organizations are opting to retrench, rather than looking for innovation. This process buys time, but rarely buys you opportunity.

Big business’ answer is to embrace the latest mantra promising faster, better, and cheaper results! All too often, employees have found themselves working harder and harder to achieve less and less. That’s the reward for surviving the downsizing, outsourcing, and restructuring that have so dramatically thinned the ranks of industrial-age companies. We believe that there are no quick fixes.

Our approach is to use sound business practice in evaluating specific functions utilizing individuals skilled in the discipline. Our organization is geared to provide business services tailored to specific management needs.