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Land Consulting Services

Land Consulting ServicesIf you are currently contemplating selling undeveloped land, you owe it to yourself and your family to take the time to read the following:

Land Consulting is a term that you likely have never heard before. The services were created as the result of the need of a tax client of ours. The client found themselves in the middle of a major commercial development and were unsure of what direction they needed to take with their land. Upon further investigation, we found that the needs of the client went well past the services normally provided by a real estate broker or agent. Since we are not a real estate agent or broker, we focus on those needs that were not part of the real estate discipline.

The sale of prime land has become such a competitive business that it no longer makes sense to expect that merely finding a realtor or broker to sell the property is enough. Most successful land sales can take from two to four years to transition through all phases of a sale. It likely will include engineering, surveying, zoning, environmental, legal, and a significant amount of negotiating in determining the correct buyer and price. There are usually special considerations of how the proceeds will be distributed between family members and knowing the individual tax implications on the proceeds. Usually there is little or no discussion on investment opportunities prior to a sale, exposing the individual’s new found wealth to questionable investment strategies.

Over the last six years, our organization has developed the expertise to address all of the issues surrounding a large “raw land” transaction.

Our network of potential developers and regional/national real estate brokers throughout the country, give us a competitive advantage for our clients in working towards a successful conclusion on the sale of their land.

Our Services Include: